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Commencing our business as a trade house during the early years in 2011, LOTO Safety took the next leap as a manufacturer of Lockout Tagout products from 2012 and has since built up a sizeable offering over the years.

Considered a pioneer in the field of Lockout / Tagout in UAE, we have conducted over 200 field assessments during the past decade which has helped us identify gaps that could be addressed by designing products with additional features and multi-use capabilities.

The focus was on creating new innovative designs which could enhance safety and traceability whilst meeting budgetary requirements.

Top quality, feature rich and user friendly with the highest level of tamper resistance were some of the design criteria that had to be addressed. The onus was to offer a higher level of safety and tamper resistance whilst reducing downtime during shutdowns and turnarounds.

The patented feature rich 3PTP – 3 Point Traceability Padlock was our first product launched in 2013 and has defined the standard for safety padlocks with customers across the MENA region. The popularity of the 3PTP padlock has spawned several copies, which lack the quality and features of the original.

Not content with the status quo, we launched 2 additional products KAB-O-LOK™ Cable Lockout www.kab-o-lok.com & TEAM-LOK™ Safety padlock www.team-lok.com in 2019 / 2020. Patents have been awarded to both products from USA, India and China and patent pending status in UK, Australia, Netherlands, UAE, KSA and others.

Our patented designs add value to your Energy Isolation programs.

Headquartered in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), we provide customized and integrated solutions in LO/TO and Arc Flash Protection PPE across several industrial verticals viz: Oil & Gas Upstream and Downstream, Utilities, EPC’s, Marine & Offshore, Sea & Airports, Facilities Management, Steel, Aluminium and many more.

Our expertise in LO/TO comprises Hazard identification, On-Site Assessments, Demonstration coupled with supply of Locks, Tags & Devices backed by installation support.

Over 600 line items inventory stocked in our 10000 sq. ft facility in Dubai (UAE) enables us to service immediate requirements and same day dispatches. We serve customers across 30 countries and our objective is to create a global footprint by 2022.

Our infinite zeal to provide best-in-class solutions in Lockout / Tagout, Arc Flash Protection PPE and Live Line accessories makes LOTO Safety Requisites Trading L.L.C. your Go-To vendor.

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