LOTO Safety Requisites Trading LLC


When maintenance or servicing work is being performed by more than one Authorized Employee, a Primary Authorized Employee must be assigned responsibility for controlling all energy isolating devices for the machine, equipment or process.

  • Before beginning work, the Primary Authorized Employee will implement a specifically written energy control procedure developed for the particular energy source/s. He then isolates single or multiple energy sources by applying padlocks and verifies the machine, equipment or process has been isolated and Locked Out. The Primary Authorized Employee secures the key/s of the locks in the Group Lock box and applies his personal lock to the box.
  • Other Authorized Employees review the adequacy of the isolation and apply their own locks to the Group Lock box.
  • Authorized Employees perform work.
  • Upon completion of work, each Authorized Employee removes their own personal lock(s) from the Group Lock box.
  • The Primary Authorized Employee is the last one to remove his lock from the group lock box to access the keys for unlocking the energy sources. This can only be done after the Primary Authorized Employee has assessed the area and is satisfied it is safe to do so.