LOTO Safety Requisites Trading LLC

LOTO PROGRAM Supervisor’s Responsibilities

  • Complete equipment specific LOTO Procedures.
  • Conduct annual & periodic inspections.
  • Keep a list of authorized employees.
  • Issue LOTO devices to employees.
  • Ensure all affected employees are properly trained on LOTO procedures.
  • Enforce compliance with LOTO program.
  • Provide employees with copies of the LOTO
  • Program upon request.

Loto Program Employees Responsibilities

  • Recognizes hazardous energy.
  • Types and magnitude of energy in the workplace.
  • Means to isolate those types of energy.
  • Repair or service equipment as needed.
  • Ensure that all energy sources are locked out.
  • Test equipment to verify residual energy is dissipated.
  • Place a “Danger-Do Not Operate” tag on equipment.
  • Obtain assistance when necessary.
  • Remove locks and/or tags following LOTO.
  • Coordinate multi-shift repair.

Affected Employees Responsibilities

  • Employees who operate equipment.
  • Work around.
  • Occasionally adjust equipment that is subject to LOTO.
  • Notify maintenance, etc., when equipment needs repair.
  • Leave all LOTO devices in place.
  • Verify equipment is safe to operate following LOTO.
  • Follow all safety rules while operating the equipment.

Loto Program Enforcement

  • Any employee not using LOTO program.
  • Employees tampering with the LOTO lock and Tag.
  • Removing the LOTO program without Authorization.
  • Must be brought to the notice of Plant Manager, EHS Manager and HR.