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Do “Universal” circuit breaker lockout devices fit all MCBs across the board?

The term “Universal” is a misnomer and beguiles customers into thinking that one size fits all. This is far from the truth and misleading someone into believing this is unethical. Some manufacturers employ the term “Universal” as a gimmick to lure users into purchasing their product.

There are currently over 60 – 70 different devices available for locking MCBs & MCCBs. European and American toggle designs differ substantially, hence it is impossible for one device to fit all toggles. Some models of MCB Lockout devices are more popular vis-à-vis others as they fit several toggle designs compared to others.

Customers choose devices based on application, price and availability. LOTO Safety can help you choose the correct device for your MCBs or MCCBs. If you cannot locate the MCB pic in the LOTO Assessment section, simply mail us the image and we will suggest the correct device needed to isolate. This service is available free of cost to all customers with no obligation to buy.