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5 Stage Flange Tags are used for tracking, monitoring, and accessing all types of piping connections like pumps, pipes, and valves. Made of semi-rigid plastic, these tags are durable for outdoor use as they are weather and tear-resistant. For optimum visibility, the Flange tag is available in several colour and high-resolution text/content, and it can be entirely customized for usage in a variety of applications. The information on 5 Stage Flange tags can be found on both sides and may even include instructional drawings. Every Flange tag has a precut hole that allows it to be easily attached to a flange or used for other purposes in the workplace.

● Custom designed to comply with flange procedures.
● Tear resistant, water resistant and UV resistant tags.
● Ideal for flange inspection, joint integrity, and breaking containment.
● We can add your company logo and sequentially numbers for traceability.
● 100% Recyclable.

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Model No.: FLP07
Brand: TUFFA™
Origin: Australia