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USD 218.35

USD 218.35

The Empty Big Steel Lockout Station is made using heavy duty steel. You can organize and store any type of mechanical and electrical lockout devices as per your requirement. This durable lockout station has 2 adjustable shelves, 6 metal hooks, and a clear front door which can be wall mounted with easy installation. 

As all the necessary lockout devices can be consistently located in one location, these lockout stations can assist staff members in performing Isolation procedures quickly and effectively. Our offered LOTO stations are available in 2 colors and can also be strategically positioned in accessible locations near machine switches or in any central area.

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Model No.: N/A
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: India

LOCKOUT STATION – Heavy duty steel construction, powder coated red, 2 adjustable shelves, 6 Hooks for hanging padlocks and door with clear acrylic fascia.

Station is ideal for stocking a mix of Electrical & Mechanical LOTO Products.

Station without contents.