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USD 26.34

Seal tight Ball Valve Lockout Bag is made from high-quality PVC Polyester fabric. It is ideal for removable lever handles as it has a universal fitting feature that secures the valve lever and removes the risk of valve reactivation. Our seal-tight ball valve lockout device performs effectively in extreme climate conditions and withstands a corrosive environment. Its innovative design offers effective lockout to most valve installations (Metal and PVC) and pipes with an easy wrapping strap and locking mechanism. It includes highly visible write-on labels in different languages. It is lightweight; compact, easy to carry, and then folds up for easy storage in a safety toolbox.

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Model No.: VL-BV-HNDL
Origin: China

Valve Lockout – BALL Type, Seal Tight Handle-Off Bag.

Color: Red.

● Bag Size: 324mm x 292mm.
● Padlock Holes: 3.
● Lock Diameter: 8mm.