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USD 16.64

LOTO aluminium cable lockout is a specialized cable isolation device made from an aluminium body and flexible multipurpose SS cable. Its lightweight and durable body makes it an effective lockout device for harsh environments and long-term lockouts. 

The ideal application for this lockout device is in high heat and extreme temperatures (–50° F to +300° F (-46°C to 149°C)) like high-temperature valves, steam valves, and boiler room valves. A highly visible and reusable, write-on safety label is present on the body of the cable lockout and can accommodate up to 8 safety padlocks. Clients can contact us to get the best price quote.

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Model No.: CL-SQALM-1.5MC
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: China

Aluminium Cable Lockout

Aluminium body, SS 304 cable. Ideal for high heat and extreme temperatures.

Padlock Holes: 8.

Color: Satin.

Cable Size: Dia. 4.0mm x Length 1.5 Mtrs.