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USD 38.13

Acrylic Group Lock Box (GLB‐PLX18) is manufactured using acrylic plastic and features pre-attached 6 plastic hooks for hanging keys and safety tags. It features a transparent hinged door that allows easy viewing of the contents inside. It is portable, lightweight, and accommodates up to 16 padlocks for group locking. It is available in an attractive red color. Customers can purchase padlocks and other tags separately as the box is sold empty.

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Model No.: GLB‐PLX18
Origin: China

Group Lock Box – Acrylic construction Hinged door, 6 keys hangers. Portable.

Accommodates 16 Padlocks.

Color: Red.

Empty Box Only.

Dimensions: L 200 x W 150 x D 90mm.

Weight: 0.490 Kg.