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USD 36.40

Group Lock Box (GLB‐WHMST‐R) is made of durable steel material and available in red color. There are 12 built-in key hangers for storing your critical keys during isolation programs. Our durable and corrosion-resistant group lock box can accommodate up to 14 padlocks. It has a dimension of L163 x W 85 x D 260mm and a weight of only 1.760 kg. It is available as an empty box, and customers can purchase Padlocks and other safety tools separately.

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Model No.: GLB‐WHMST‐R
Origin: China

Group Lock Box – Steel Powder coated. 12 Built-in Keys Hanger.

Accommodates 14 Padlocks outside.

Color: Red.

Empty Box Only.

Dimensions: L 163 x W 85 x D 260mm.

Weight: 1.760 kg.