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Loto Safety Products offers the Aluminium Alloy Lockout Hasp for heavy-duty lockout applications. It is employed in various industrial – electrical and mechanical – applications and is made with a high-quality Aluminium Alloy. Our Lockout Hasp (HSP-ALR-6) can accommodate up to 6 padlocks to offer optimum security and durability. This effective and user-friendly lockout hasp is available as per specification at the best price. Contact us for the quote.

Aluminium Alloy Lockout Hasp Features

  1. Widely used in different Industrial (Electrical and Mechanical) application
  2. Made with high-quality Aluminium, easy to use and non-toxic
  3. Offer good mechanical properties and low density
  4. Made with tamper-proof locking tabs
  5. Repeated writing on safety labels with markers
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Model No.: HSP-ALR-6
Origin: China

Hasp – Aluminium Alloy.

Accommodates 6 Padlocks.

Color: Red.

Dimensions: W 77 x L 190mm.

Weight: 0.200 Kg.