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From: USD 116.11

From: USD 116.11

The range of Small key safe boxes is ideal for Electricity and Water plants, Oil and Gas Refineries, and many other industries as they provide a simple and effective group locking solution. It is made of durable SS/MS material and requires multiple keys to be unlocked together to be opened. There are 2 removable/ adjustable shelves to store your critical safety fuses, padlocks, etc. 

Available in various sizes and number of locks, each box is equipped with 1 Keyed Alike lock a.k.a supervisor lock and the remaining Key Different (KD) locks with 2 unique keys. Until all locks have been opened, the contents of the box cannot be accessed, making it the ideal solution for group locking of critical items during isolation programs. Each KD key has its own identity with unique serial numbers and all keys are provided with brass identification tags too. Our offered key safe boxes are portable, multipurpose, and easily wall mounted. They are available in Grey color with multiple sizes and lock combinations.

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Weight: Model No.: N/A
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: China

Key Safe Box – 1.2mm Steel Fabrication.
Color: Grey.

● Body Material – 1.2mm Steel Fabrication.
● Wall mounted with 2 removable shelves.
● All keys are provided with brass identification tags.
● All Lock will have unique nos. engraved on lock and key for easy identification between key and lock.

Dimensions: H230 x W150 x D120mm.