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USD 98.78

Lockout Station with cover is available as empty or fully loaded loto station. It is made with durable yellow polycarbonate material. The lockout station cover shows the inside devices, keeps dirt and dust out, and includes a hinge that keeps it open while in use. The station has 16 padlock hooks for hanging safety padlocks and 6 compartments to store Lockout / Tagout products. 

This lockout station adds higher accountability and inventory management to your LO/TO procedures where numerous people are authorized to access equipment and energy sources safely during maintenance and repair. For each energy source that needs to be locked out, the lockout station can store equipment specific isolation devices for organized and easy access.

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Model No.: LS-MSTPT-EB
Origin: China

LOCKOUT STATION – Polycarbonate w/cover.
Color: Yellow.

● Material: Polycarbonate.
⇒ 8 Padlock Hooks (can accommodate 2 padlocks per hook) and 6 compartments to store Lockout / Tagout products.
⇒ With holes for wall mounting.

Station without contents.

Dimensions: L 556mm × W 280mm × D 102mm.

Weight: 2.760 Kg.