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Sensible Loto Kit – Electrical – Micro
A compact solution for basic Electrical Safety needs, all in a belt pouch. Ideal for locking MCBs and MCCBs on panels with our range of devices and non-conductive locks and hasps.

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Model No.: LOKT-ELMC-101
Origin: China
Serial No.Description Model No. Quantity
1.LOTO Bag - Belt Pouch. Color: Red. Brand: LOK-FORCE (TM). Size: 20.5 x 10 x 14 cms. BG-RD21BP1 Pc.
2.Hasp - Steel, PE Injection Molded Handles, Color: Red. Size: 25mm. Small, 6 locks capacity. Brand: LOTO-LOK®. HSP-PMH-25R1 Pc.
3.Hasp - Nylon, Non Conductive, Color: Red, 3 locks capacity. Size: 3.0 mm Shackle diameter. Brand: LOTO-LOK®. HSP-RNH-331 Pc.
4.Hasp - Nylon, Di-Electric, Yellow / Red color with 4 locks capacity. Size: 6.0 mm Shackle diameter. Brand: LOTO-LOK®.HSP-DEY61 Pc.
5.Circuit Breaker Locking Device - PIN-OUT for Single & Multipole MCB's. Color: Yellow. Brand: LOTO-LOK®. CB– PO–CTBL1 Pc.
6.Circuit Breaker Locking Device - for Single Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker. Color - Red. Opened and closed with screwdriver. Brand: LOTO-LOK®.CB-UB-CTBL1 Pc.
7.Circuit Breaker Locking Device - PIN-OUT for Single & Multipole MCB's w/ LATCH. Color: Yellow. Brand: LOTO-LOK®. CB-POL-Y1 Pc.
8.Circuit Breaker Locking Device - for Single & Multi Pole MCB's & MCCB's. Opened and Closed with Screwdriver. Color: Yellow. Brand: LOTO-LOK®.CB-MG-CTBL1 Pc.
9.Circuit Breaker Locking Device - Universal type for Single & Multipole MCB's & MCCB's upto 200A, Hand Tightening, NO-TOOL. Color: Red. Brand: LOQ-IT. CB-UNI-HT1 Pc.
10.Circuit Breaker Locking Device - Lockouts 277 Volts MCCB's with toggle Width 16mm x 11.5mm Thickness. Thumbwheel Operation. Size: Small, Color: Red. Brand: LOQ-IT. CB-KT-S1 Pc.
11.3-PTP (Three Point Traceability Padlock) - Body: Nylon PA66 material. Shackle: Nylon PA66 extruded over SS304 DUAL PURPOSE (Electrical & Mechanical use), Non-Conductive (DUO 2in1), Rust, Shock & Weatherproof. Color: Red. Key Different (2 Unique Keys per Lock). Regular Shackle 40mm. Brand: LOTO-LOK®. 3PTPRKDN402 Pcs.
12.Danger Tag, " DO NOT OPERATE ". Material: PVC. Size: L 143 mm x W 80 mm x 0.5 mm thk.S1 – TAGD – 015 Pcs.
13.Danger Tag, " DO NOT OPERATE ". Material: PVC. Size: L 160 mm x W 80 mm x 0.5 mm thk.S1 – TAGD – 2223 Pcs.
14." OUT OF SERVICE, NOT TO BE OPERATED " Tag. Yellow color. Material: PVC. Size: L 160 mm x W 80 mm x 0.5 mm thk. S1 – TAGC – 3012 Pcs.
15.Screwdriver. TOOL-SCD1 Pc.
16.MARKER PEN. Color: Black.LSP-MARKER1 Pc.
17.Cable Ties, 8" Length for Tie Tags.LSP-CABLETIE10 Pcs.