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The Loto lockout station with content provides easy and organized access to padlocks, safety hasps, tags, marker pen and cable ties. It is made from moulded ABS material with a tough polycarbonate lockable cover. With a capacity of 20 hooks that can each store 2 padlocks, this LO/TO station can hold 40 padlocks plus some hasps and tags. 

A moulded cover is provided with a locking facility for added extra security. Our loto lockout station is made from impact resistant material which is durable and provides good performance even in harsh environments like Oil and Gas refineries, Steel and Aluminium plants, construction and so on. Contact us today for best wholesale pricing.

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Model No.: LS-SWC22H-4P-CS
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: China

Lockout Station – 20 LOCKS Padlock Station.

Color: Yellow.

Station is molded ABS material with molded tough polycarbonate lockable cover.

A.) 20 Nos. Model No: 3PTPRKDR40 Red color Keyed Different Padlocks (Option of different color padlocks).
B.) 1 Nos. Model No: HSP-PMH-25R Steel Hasp, Size: 25mm.
C.) 1 Nos. Model No: HSP-PMH-38R Steel Hasp, Size: 38mm.
D.) 10 Nos. Model No: S1 – TAGD – 01 “Danger Tags”.
E.) 10 Nos. Model No: S1 – TAGD – 222 “Danger Tags”.
F.) 10 Nos. Model No: S1 – TAGC – 301 “Out of Service” Tags.
G.) 10 Nos. Model No: D1–TAGD 403 “Danger Tags”.
H.) 40 Nos. Model No: LSP-CABLETIE Cable Ties.
I.) 1 Nos. Model No: LSP-MARKER Marker Pen.

Station with contents.

Dimensions: L 625 x W 590 x D 97 mm.

Price on Request