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USD 5.20

The Emergency Push Button Lockout Device (PL-EPB-90) is made of polycarbonate material and used to lockout emergency stop buttons on electrical panels, conveyor belts, cranes, etc. Our lockout device is developed to prevent accidental activation/ deactivation of the emergency stop buttons on control panels. It is a safe and efficient lockout device that performs well in indoor and outdoor environments.

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Model No.: PL-EPB-90
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: China

Emergency Push Button Lockout Device

  • Panel Lockout
  • Push Button Emergency Polycarbonate material. Transparent.
  • Sizes: 30mm I.D. Base X 70mm Internal I.D.
  • Removable Device. Non-permanent.
  • Weight: 0.110 Kg.