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3 Stage Flange Tags serve as a highly visible status record, demonstrating that all three stages of the flange break procedure were completed successfully. As a multi-part Tag with perforated tear-off portions, no steps can be overlooked throughout your flange management processes, which is essential for establishing leak-free start-ups.

Flange Tags provide quick, clear flange status with their color-coded tear-off sections. Flange Tags (also known as Torque Tags) are ideal for pipeline construction, oil and gas operations, and utility distribution companies.

● Highly visual at-a-glance torque status.
● Can be customised to comply with flange procedures.
● Tear resistant, water resistant and UV resistant tags.
● Ideal for flange inspection, joint integrity, breaking containment.
● We can add your company logo and sequentially numbers for traceability.

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Model No.: FLP01
Brand: TUFFA™
Origin: Australia
Tags Specifications:3 Stage Flange Tags
Material:0.6mm Raptor Poly
Standard Size:70mm x 200mm
Perforations:2 x Perforations
Print:4 Colour Print – 2 Sides
Additional Info:FLP01 can be customised to include your company logo and sequential numbering. These flange tags have 2 perforations for the different stages. 8mm Hole at Head enabling the tag to easily be attached using cable ties.