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Tie bar multi pole circuit breaker lockout device is designed to work with most major multi pole breakers that employ a tie bar. It is utilized on the multi-pole circuit breaker for energy isolation and is used in the switch OFF position. This device features a short metal tongue that sits under the breaker crossbar and serves as a barrier preventing the breaker from being operated. 

This lockout device isolates and secures circuit breaker switches safely during equipment maintenance to protect employees from electrical accidents. It is made with durable, glass-filled nylon and stainless steel. It can be installed directly without using any tool and is ideal for single and multi pole circuit breakers.

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Model No.: CB‐TB
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: China

Tie Bar Multi Pole Circuit Breaker Lockout

Tie Bar for Multi Pole MCBs.
Color: Red.

● Nylon construction, Temp -20 up to +120 Deg. C
● Metal tongue sits in the toggle of the breaker and acts as a barrier disallowing the breaker to be operated.
● No tools are required for installation.
● Works on single and multiple miniature breakers.

Weight: 0.020 Kg. (20 gms)