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The Schneider Circuit Breaker lockout device is used to safely lockout Schneider Miniature circuit breakers and/or MCCBs, therefore preventing unintentional/ unauthorized re-energization. Electricians/workers require these lockout devices while conducting repairs to ensure safe practices in the workplace. 

Each side of this device is capable of locking an MCB or MCCB, thus reducing the different inventory required to be maintained. Our offered schneider circuit breaker lockout device is made of durable steel construction to provide extra protection from tampering. It can be easily installed without using any tools and can accommodate up to 3 padlocks for securing devices in the off position and preventing unauthorized operation.

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Model No.: STL-CTBL
Origin: China

Schneider Circuit Breaker Lockout Device

for Schneider MCCB’s with multiple padlocking facilities.
Steel construction.

Color: Black.

● This device engages in the slot behind the switch toggle, blocking its operation.
Adding a padlock prevents unauthorized operation and secures the device in place when the breaker is in the OFF position.
● Number of Locks: 3.

Weight: 0.030 Kg. (30 gms)