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USD 2.43

Clamp on Circuit Breaker Lockout device is extremely versatile and easy to install. Its innovative thumbscrew design requires no tools or screwdrivers for installation – simply tighten the lockout device onto the switch tongue and draw the cover over. Then secure the cover with a lockout padlock (not included) to protect the clamp from being loosened.

Our offered Clamp on Circuit Breaker Lockout devices meet OSHA standards and are therefore designed to keep employees safe in any industrial workplace. They are made using a non-conductive polypropylene body that is safe to touch and handle. These circuit breaker lockout devices secure hazardous power during maintenance and repair programs by immobilizing the breaker.

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Model No.: CB-CLO
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: China

Clamp on Circuit Breaker Lockout

  • Circuit Breaker Locking Device
  • Clamp on, Pin type for MCCB toggles with holes.
  • Color: Red.
  • Weight: 0.006 Kg. (6 gms)