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The Round Handle Large Circuit Breaker Lockout device is used to lock out MCCBs with large toggles up to 600 Amps. It is designed to quickly lockout a wide range of circuit breaker handles. These circuit breaker lockout devices are made of a tough polycarbonate material that can endure different temperatures, chemicals, and weather conditions. They are lightweight and easy to use in any industrial application.

 Multiple padlocks can be accommodated by the round handle of the device which can be installed without the use of any additional tools. Simply insert the device mouth into the circuit breaker handle and secure it with your own padlock and tag for proper isolation. These lockout devices come in handy to protect your workforce from electrical hazards when performing maintenance on equipment.

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Model No.: CB–LCB–RH
Origin: China

Round Handle Large Circuit Breaker Lockout Device

  • for MCCB with large toggles upto 600Amps.
  • Round handle. NO-TOOL required.
  • Accommodates multiple padlocks.
  • Color: Red.
  • Weight: 0.065 Kg. (65 gms)