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From: USD 3.99

From: USD 3.99

The Thumbwheel Circuit Breaker Lockout is an easy-to-install device using adjustable thumb-wheel operation. Once fitted, the user can secure the device by attaching a padlock through the provided hole. This circuit breaker lockout device is compatible with most modern Molded Case Circuit Breakers. 

Available in 3 sizes and manufactured from strong nylon, it has a small plastic dovetail that fits in the gap above the breaker handle. The thumbwheel is then adjusted to lock onto the toggle and prevents the breaker from being switched. The padlock is finally inserted through the hole, trapping the thumbwheel in the “locked” position, rendering the circuit breaker completely safe and preventing it from being unintentionally re-energized.

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Weight: Model No.: N/A
Brand: LOQ‐IT
Origin: China