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The Circuit Breaker blocker components are used for easy and quick assembly of your oversized and irregularly shaped circuit breaker toggles. It can support 480/600V breakers with non-clamped-locked switches. 

The Breaker blocker component set has a mounting rail feature with an industrial adhesive construction that allows for quick installation on the electrical panel without the need for drilling holes. It is a long-lasting solution as the tape is VBH and does not easily fall off. Color-coded blocking bars can be used to show whether the breaker is locked in an off (red) or on (green) position.

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Model No.: CB-BBK-5
Origin: China

Circuit Breaker Blocker Components

Circuit Breaker Locking Device locks outs 600A MCCB’s with Oversized toggles.
(Break Blocker Components) 480v~600v.
The set consists of 2 self-adhesive bases, 1 Red & 1 Green blocking bars and 1 self-adhesive bar holder.

● Made from engineering plastic alloy.
● Circuit Breaker Lockout Mounting rails for use with Red or Green blocker bar. Color: Yellow.
● Lock large or unique shape switch, the length of the rod is 190mm (Red & Green Blocker Bar).
● The Green colour bar can be used to indicate “locked on”.
● The Red colour bar can be used to indicate “locked off” .
● 5 Pcs. per set.

Weight: 0.085 Kg. (85 gms)