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USD 47.14

The Large Portable Group Lock Box is an important safety equipment when multiple people need to isolate an electrical energy source. It is constructed with premium CRC sheets and is red powder coated. On the top, there is a stainless steel handle that makes moving and transferring the box simple. The group lock box can be used to store all the necessary documents, critical devices, and keys. It can then be locked with 1 primary padlock and up to 12 individual padlocks.

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Model No.: GLB-SR13B-NP
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: India

Group Lock Box – BIG (Portable). RED color Powder Coated accommodates 1 Primary & 12 Secondary Padlocks.

Empty Box Only.

● High-Grade CRC Sheets are used to make high-quality boxes.
● Group Lockout Box is duly powder coated with an extra rust-resistant coating.
● Each boxes come with stainless steel handle provided on the top.
● There are several slots which can be locked by safety padlocks.

Dimensions: 7.10″ x 10″ x 7.30″