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From: USD 1.00

From: USD 1.00

Our offered Steel Group Lock Box is made using C45 steel and powder coated for durability. The Group lock box is a type of storage device that accommodates 1 primary and 12 secondary padlocks for effective lockout of equipment during group locking procedures. Its rugged construction offers resistance against tough industrial environments.

The primary application of a group lock box is during the isolation of electrical energy sources. The authorized person locks the energy source and inserts the key of the primary padlock into the box while all secondary padlocks are applied to the box. This prevents overcrowding of padlocks on the energy source while accomplishing the same outcome. 

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Model No.: GLB
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: China

Group Lock Box – Steel, Powder coated, accommodates 1 Primary & 12 Secondary Padlocks.

Empty Box Only.

● Manufactured from C45 steel & powder coated for durability.
● Internal steel baffle plate prevents lid from being raised after padlocks are applied, ensuring keys cannot be removed through gaps.
● Silicone sheet affixed internally in the key slot acts as a one way barrier and prevents attempts to remove or force keys through the gap.