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Our Lockable Lockout Station with content provides an organized storage space and easy access for all your lockout tagout devices. The lockout stations are made with a heavy duty moulded plastic body and strong polycarbonate lockable cover. These LO/TO lockout stations form an important part of worker safety during maintenance, commissioning and shut downs. 

Our highly visible lockout stations also serve as a reminder for all workers to lockout hazardous energy sources before starting work on any equipment. The lockout stations help organize your LO/TO inventory and reduce downtime during maintenance or repair. Lockout stations are available in different sizes with customized contents to fulfill your safety requirement. 

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Model No.: N/A
Origin: China

LOCKOUT STATION – Heavy duty molded plastic body with strong polycarbonate lockable cover.
Ideal for stocking Padlocks & Hasps. Separate pocket stores tags, marker pen & cable ties.
Hooks are designed to hang 1 or 2 padlocks per hook.
Can be customized to specific requirements.

Station with contents.

Color: Yellow.