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LOTO’s premium quality North America Flange Tags are available to provide quick and clear flange status with their color-coded tear-off section. Our offered flange tags are made in compliance with North American safety standards of innovation, safety, and quality. Flange Tags provide a complete and accurate status tagging system that assists in the control of flange break/inspection control, modification, and maintenance. It is usually perforated in three or four parts to help the user distinguish between the many stages of the process, from the initial breakage to the system’s re-energization. These flange tags are highly accepted in the US, Canada, and other European countries as a mark of verification that the products comply with required industry requirements.

For improved control and tracking, flange tags can be provided with unique ID numbers. Moreover, we have a network of distributors across North and South America, Europe, and Asia to deliver Lockout Tagout safety products as per your custom requirements.

● Highly visual at-a-glance torque status.
● Can be customised to comply with flange procedures.
● Tags can be custom printed to include your company logo or specific information.
● Tear resistant, water resistant and UV resistant tags.
● Ideal for flange inspection, joint integrity, breaking containment.
● We can add your company logo and sequentially numbers for traceability.
● 100% Recyclable.

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Model No.: FLP05
Brand: TUFFA™
Origin: Australia
Tag SpecificationsNorth America Flange Tags
Material:0.6mm Raptor Poly
Standard Size:2 .75 inches x 7.9 inches
Perforations:2 x Perforations
Print:4 Colour Print – 2 Sides
Additional Information:FLP05 is a North American specific flange tag and has the Torque specification- ft/lbs instead of Nm. These flange tags have 2 perforations for the different stages. 5/16 Inch – Hole at Head enabling the tag to easily be attached using cable ties.