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The Plug Valve Lockout Device is designed for easy and effective lockout of manual plug valves with a stem diameter between 10~34mm for the rectangular valve and 15~50mm for the round valve. Once installed, the base of the lockout mechanism on the plug prevents valve actuation by a wrench or movable handle. The compact-size plug valve lockout device is easy to use and simple to store.

Plug valves have a similar appearance and function to ball valves. However, because of the internal plug’s construction, the valve requires significantly more effort to turn than a ball valve. During regular process operations, the operating lever may be removed from the valve. The lever is put over the valve stem when the need to turn the valve emerges. The lockout device can be set in place under a lockout method to ensure that this is only conducted by the authorized person while following their LO/TO procedures.

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Model No.: VL-PVLO
Origin: China

Plug Valve Lockout Device

Plug Locking range: 10~34mm rectangular valve stem;
15~50mm round valve stem.

Color: Red.

● Compose of glass fiber nylon cover and stainless steel parts.
● Ideal for locking out the square and round valve stem.
● Manual locking without using extra tools.
● Suitable for lockout valves whose handle can be removed.

Weight: 0.440 Kg.