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From: USD 2.19

From: USD 2.19

The Wheel Valve Lockout Device aka ‘Donut’  is made from highly durable polypropylene and sits on the valve wheel making the wheel inaccessible and locked out. They are known as ‘donuts’ as these rugged valve covers come in different diameters to fit different wheel sizes ranging from 25mm to 450mm. 

It is mainly used to protect the valve operating handle from accidental re-energization. This lockout device can cover the valve handle, ensuring employee safety by applying a padlock with a lockout tag. It is lightweight, compact and includes a highly visible permanent safety label. Its thermoplastic body can easily perform effectively in extreme temperature conditions and withstand chemicals.

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Weight: Model No.: N/A
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: China

Wheel Valve Lockout Device

Durable polypropylene for superior impact and chemical resistance.
Color: Red.

● Popularly known as ‘donuts’ these rugged valve covers comes in 6 different diameters to fit wheel sizes from 25mm upto 450mm.
● Simply wrap around the wheel, insert padlock and tag to immobilize the valve handle.
● Temperature Resistance: Minus 20℃ to 120℃

Note: Donut size should be bigger than wheel diameter and should rotate freely around the wheel to prevent access.

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