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From: USD 7.98

From: USD 7.98

LOTO Safety Products offers KAB-O-LOK™, as its patented version of a multipurpose cable lockout. This Cable lockout set is ideal for use in various industrial applications, especially for locking out gate and wheel valves. They are mainly used for valves that are difficult to lock conventionally using the plastic donut device and can also lock multiple wheel valves which are close to each other.

It is a versatile solution for locking the wheels of gate valves and is sometimes also used to isolate electrical energy sources (Isolator handles) in your LV Rooms. The KAB-O-LOK™ device and tool are made of Nylon PA6 + 15% glass for high durability in rough environments. The bigger device size, lockable tool, and cable management system put the cable lockout in a league of its own.

Available in different colors (Red, Green & Yellow), cable lengths (2m, 5m &10m), and customized cable lengths too for your specific applications. Contact us to get the best offers.

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Weight: Model No.: CL-KBLK-ST
Brand: KAB‐O‐LOK™
Origin: China

KAB-O-LOK™ Cable Lockout Set

● Manufactured from high quality Nylon PA6 + 15% Glass, Melting Temp. 250 Deg. C.
● Secured by Metal Washer, “Tightening Wheel” will not dislodge from base unit.
● With Cable Management System to minimize cable misplacement / loss which would otherwise make the device useless or inoperable.
● Lockable “Operating Tool” ensures Tool can Never Be Lost.
● Steel Galvanised PVC coated Cable with Aluminium eye at one end and crimped brass cap at other end.


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