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Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout Device is an ideal solution for locking out most single & multi-pole Miniature circuit breakers or MCCBs. It can be quickly installed on various circuit breakers in the OFF position without using any tool. It is constructed using durable nylon and glass fiber for industrial and harsh weather applications. 2-way padlocking slots are provided for better safety and to ensure that your electrical energy sources are isolated for enhanced workplace safety. 

As a leading manufacturer of Circuit Breaker Lockouts, this product is part of a specific line of cutting-edge safety devices created by specialists to safeguard workers from the dangers of hazardous energy while also meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

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Model No.: CB‐COV94
Origin: China

Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout Device

Universal type for Single & Multipole MCB’s & MCCB’s upto 200A with cover and 2-way padlocking slots. NO-TOOL.

Color: Red.

● Material: Nylon & Glass Fiber.
● No. of Padlock hole: 1.
● Thumb turn dial screw for easy installation – NO TOOL required.
● Can be mounted side-by side on adjacent miniature circuit breaker.

Weight: 0.020 Kg. (20 gms)