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USD 2.60

The 2 in 1 Circuit Breaker locking devices can accommodate different toggle sizes. This circuit breaker lockout device supports thicker switches to provide a comprehensive lockout/tagout solution to MCBs and MCCBs of different sizes. Their extra length clearance allows the device to be used on MCB and MCCB circuit breakers with extra long toggles. Customers with the requirement of a lockout device with extra long toggles can request the best price quote from us.

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Model No.: CB-DUO-CTBL
Origin: China

2 in 1 Circuit Breaker Locking Device 

  • for MCB’s & MCCB’s. Accommodates different toggle sizes.
  • Color: Red.
  • ● Thicker main switches are accommodated on the opposite side making this 2-in-1 device.
    ● Extra length clearance on the toggle side allows the device to be used on breaker with extra long toggles.