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From: USD 2.43

From: USD 2.43

The CB-UNI-HT is a single pole Circuit Breaker Lockout Device designed to prevent access to a wide range of electrical circuit breakers, including MCBs and MCBBs. The circuit breaker is one of the key points of electrical isolation for maintenance programs and this lockout device is created to be attached to the toggles of the circuit breaker. They are simple to install and do not require any extra tools. These lockouts can be used on single and multi-pole circuit breakers and have a brass threaded insert for smooth internal screw action.

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Weight: Model No.: N/A
Brand: LOQ‐IT
Origin: China

Single pole Circuit Breaker Lockout

Universal type for Single & Multipole MCBs & MCCB’s upto 200A. Hand Tightening. NO-TOOL.
Color: Red.

● Nylon construction, Temp: -20 upto +120 Deg.C
● Popular model with universal design.
● Locks several models of single & multipole MCBs
● Handy NO-TOOL design, pivot screw secures breaker toggle by without any modifications.
● Must have the product in electrical LOTO kits.
● Locks certain models of bottle fuse holders as well.