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From: USD 2.43

From: USD 2.43

The CB-UNI-DTHT is an MCCB Locking Device is one of the popular models with a universal design for locking out most MCCBs by ABB, SIEMENS, HAGER, and other popular brands up to 200 – 250 Amps. Requiring no additional tools, this hand-operated LO/TO device is simple to use and easy to install. Moreover, it can lock individual circuit breakers in the off position avoiding locking out a whole panel. It is made of rigid nylon material making it non-conductive, chemical resistant, and weather resistant. Kindly contact us to inquire about this special range of circuit breaker locking devices and other Lockout/Tagout equipment at the best price.

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Weight: Model No.: N/A
Brand: LOQ‐IT
Origin: China

MCCB Circuit Breaker Locking Device

Universal type with Dove Tail for locking a wide range of MCCBs up to 200 Amps. Hand Tightening. NO-TOOL.
Color: Red.

● Nylon construction, Temp: -20 upto +120 Deg.C
● Popular model with universal design.
● Locks MCCB toggle thickness from 7.5mm x 15mm height and 6.35mm to 11mm thick.
DOVETAIL sits in groove and blocks MCCB toggle from being manipulated.
● Ideal for ABB, SIEMENS, HAGER and other popular brands upto 200 – 250 Amps.
● Handy NO-TOOL design, pivot screw secures breaker toggle by without any modifications.
● Must have product in electrical LOTO kits.
● Locks certain models of bottle fuse holders as well.