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Mini Padlocks play a vital role in locking electrical energy sources where space constraints exist in DB panels. These ultra-lightweight padlocks are designed to prevent the manipulation of energy sources.

Manufactured from high-quality nylon in line with OSHA norms, resistant to high ambient temperatures and a wide variety of chemicals, prevent electric shock by isolating electrical energy sources.

Available in 10 colors, 2 shackle materials, and 3 key systems viz: Keyed Differently, Keyed Alike & Master Keyed. Available at the BEST price from LOTO Safety

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Model No.: N/A
Brand: LOTO-LOK®
Origin: China


● Key number is laser engraved on padlock body and key – permits quick traceability of Key to Padlock.
● Key Retaining feature ensures keys cannot be removed until padlocks are closed.

Keys: 2 Unique Keys with every Key Different (KD) padlocks.

Body Width:31.00 mm
Body Thickness:16.00 mm
Body Length:34.00 mm
Shackle Diameter:4.00 mm
Shackle Height:29.00 mm
Shackle Width:16.80 mm