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Unipolar Earthing Device
Model No: WIBM-D-P7/6-MT25-UNI
IN CONFORMITY WITH INTERNATIONAL STANDARD IEC 61230 Icc of complete device 15,1 kA/1s

PC/BM-DIN Screw type universal contact clamp made by press forged brass tested for high intensity current.
DIN attack tang and screw clamping made by galvanized steel. Possibility to connect the copper cable in three different positions.
Clamping capacity:
* conductors 5-40 mm diameter;
* flat conductors 40 x 60 mm;
* bars on horizontal level 12 x 60 mm;
* 45° slanting bars up to 28 mm thickness.
● Extra flexible electrolytic copper cable covered by transparent PVC sheath, section 70mmq., length 6 m (or other length and section)., complete at the extremities of tinning copper lugs and reinforcements by transparent heat-shrink sheath.
● Aluminum ground clamp for ball fixed point MTE25.
Clamping capacity:
* round earth points 25 mm diameter;
* round conductors up to 22 mm diameter;
* flat bars up to 22 mm.

Insulating Rod
Model No. P2/300DIN
High insulating rod made by polyester resin reinforced by fibreglass tube, external diameter 40mm.
Color: Yellow.
Total length 3 m (or other length) in two elements, each 1,5 m. length, complete of:
a.) quick couplers to connect the two elements;
b.) insulating lower closing cap and hand guard onto the base element;
c.) aluminium bayonet DIN fitting, closing cap and hand guard.

Note: the contact clamps of earthing device are installed on the phase by an insulating rod so, it is not an option.

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Model No.: WIBM-D-P7/6-MT25-P2/300DIN-UNI
Origin: Italy